Jacky M - Treatment applicator 25pk

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The fluff free JACKY M. Treatment Applicator is ideal to remove lotions during a Lash Lifting treatment, but it can also be used to remove the Adhesive Remover gel during a One by One or Russian Volume treatment. Due to the large brush it is able to reach and remove everything..


  • Fluff free
  • Soft hairs so that the lashes do not get damaged
  • Large head making it easy to remove the lotions
  • Use only once
  • Available per 25 pieces

    Remove both lotions in the same way. Use a JACKY M. Treatment Applicator to brush softly over the lashes. Use a cleansing wipe to wipe off lotion which is on the Treatment Applicator. Continue until all of the lotion has been removed from the lashes. After the lotions have been removed with the Treatment Applicator, you could also wipe softly over the lashes with a damp cleansing pad. 

    Lash Lift treatment
    Use a Treatment Applicator to brush softly over then