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Unicorn Cuticle Oil

We stock nothing but the best cuticle oil in Australia

If you are wondering what does cuticle oil do for your nails, you will be pleased to know its benefits. The rich mixture of oils containing health-promoting vitamins creates nourishment for your set, with a focus on health, shine and growth.

These mixtures are the perfect way to protect and reinvigorate nails that may have been damaged by sun, or use of sanitiser. What’s more, the combinations in Unicorn Lab’s lovingly handmade collection contain gorgeous scents that are sure to keep your hands smelling wonderful for hours.

We suggest you use our collection sparingly, as we hand make our collection and availability varies from bottle to bottle.

We only supply highly quality, nail salon cuticle oil

Our fingernails are often subjected to elements that can deteriorate their glamour or harm their health. It’s unfortunate, but they are sensitive, and if you are someone who loves to shimmer and shine with their set then our collection is perfect for you.

We love what we do here, and we love concocting beautiful new arrangements and scents that are perfect for promoting healthy nail growth and colour. If you are looking for the best cuticle oil for dry cuticles and nails, or are looking to maintain their shine and promote healthy flourishing, our collection is exactly what you are looking for.

We are passionate about oils for nails & cuticles

The Unicorn Lab team works hard to create products that we know our beloved community can rely on to maintain and promote nail quality. This is why we only use high quality ingredients like coconut, Morrocan and Jojoba oils (to name a few) when creating our product. We want you to experience the very best of our products and to do this we only create products with the best things in them!

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