Build That Nail Pink Summit BIB

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NailPerfect Build That Nail is a base, builder and top gel in one, which is available in 5 different colors. It is a great product for an easy and fast application on natural nails, which can also be used for building nail extentions with nail tips or nail forms.


  • Strength of a builder gel
  • Easy application
  • Creates a strong extension on nail tips or forms
  • Perfect base for gel polish application
  • Sticky layer
  • Base, builder and top in one
  • Available in 5 colors


First prep the nail as usual. Start with a thin base layer and cure for 30-60 seconds in LED. Build the nail to your preferred shape and cure again for 30-60 in LED. Remove the sticky layer with NailPerfect UV Cleanser and a clean nail wipe and file the nail with a NailPerfect 180/180 grit file. Clean the dust away with a manicure brush and apply one last thin layer of the Build That Nail and cure & clean again for extra shine